1. Open Formscanner and "Create  template from image."    
  2. Load one of the scanned images. Add a field by clicking on the +-sign.
  3.  Enter the number of questions and responses for each question. For example, this field has 30 questions each with 5 possible responses. If any of the questions will have more than 1 possible answer, check "Multiple Choice."
  4. Right-click on the mouse.  A red marker will appear.  Move the marker to the first response of the first question.  Release the mouse button.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page.  Right-click on the mouse and move the red marker to the last response of the last question.  Markers will fill all possible responses.  If the markers are positioned correctly, confirm here.
  6. Add another field for the ID information. Click on the +.
  7. Enter the number of questions and responses.  In this example, the students ID has 8 digits that can be 0-9 (ie. 10 possible options).
  8. Change the responses from "ABCDE" to the appropriate 0-9 for the ID#.  In each cell, backspace to delete the letter, and enter the numeric value.
  9. Set the upper and lower corners in the same way as in steps 4 & 5. (Steps 8 and 9 can be completed in any sequence.)
  10. Confirm and save template.
  11. Open the images converted from the PDF. Ctrl-left-click to select each image until all are highlighted.
  12. To see each image as it is processed click this icon.
  13. To simply process the images and create spreadsheet (without preview of each), click this icon.
  14. If previewing each image, view the results.
  15. Save the results to a spreadsheet.